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Israeli Chamber Of Information Technology present:

The Next of Everything?

Israel NFT Conference #2

Over 700 participants at the first conference demonstrated a big interest in NFT. This year is focused on the main uses of NFT Technology: Community, Art, Startups, Copyrights, and possible applications. The conference is divided into lectures and practical workshops.




Shenkar college & Zoom


08:00 - 15:00

Free registration

In association with


Conference Schedule


Shenkar auditorium & Zoom links


Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, Head of Shenkar College.
Dr. Michael Gebert, European Blockchain Association.
Eli Frank, Chairman at The Israel Chamber of Information Technology.

Opening speech

Dr. Milly Perry, Conference Leader and Head of Blockchain Excellence Center at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology.

Conference talk: Virtual world adventures

Prof. Yesha Sivan - Digitalrosh. Age of 3D3C: Digital, Design, Development, Community, Creation, Commerce

Conference talk: Investment in the era of Web3

Lior Messika, Founder of EdenBlock.
Yariv Gilat, CEO Tectona

Israeli Knesset NFT

Shmulik Grossman, Knesset israel Speaker.

Innovative projects panel

Led by Dr. Milly Perry. Featuring 5 leading companies in the field of Blockchain

Property and ownership panel

The Philosophy behind the concept of ownership - Are NFT's are completely new form of ownership? Led by Adv. Haim Ravia.
Participants: Prof. Dotan Oliar, Nilly Lerner, Adv. Hadar Yoana Jabotinsky, Asaf Nahum, Michael Asis


Drinks and Refreshment

NFT Creative Experiences panel + Workshops

* NFT, Copyrights and Smart Contracts Workshop, Adv. Amir Bushinsky.
* NFT Creative Experiences: Fashion, Gaming & Art,
* Startups & Business round table
* NBA Top Shot community


NFT & Copyrights
Startups & Tech
NFT Creative Experiences
NBA Top Shot 

Led by Adv. Amir Bushinsky

NFT, Copyrights & Smart contracts

The workshop focused on Blockchain technology and the usage of Smart Contracts in the fields of Copyrights. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed new technologies emerging using smart contracts to manage and trade Digital assets protected by copyrights in different use cases: Music, Video, Photography, and gaming. The new development opens new possibilities regarding matters of control, sharing, trading, and protection of assets in the digital space. Are Smart Contracts are the solution? Join the workshop to explore and discuss the legal challenges the new platforms are facing.

The workshops are being led by Workshop Managers in a form of open discussion. "NFT, Copyrights & Smart contract workshop includes a signup fee.

Open channel: Bitcoin in a minute

Live Streaming From Israel NFT conference #2 

Hosts: Guy Armoni & Tal Harel


Prof. Sheizaf Refaeli

President of Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art.

Prof. Yesha Sivan

Digital, Innovation, and Venture

Liron Heyman

PM StarkWare

Guy Hirsh

USA Managing Director at eToro

Dr. Renard Gluzman

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, MA Design, Faculty Member

Yariv Gilat

CEO Tectona

Gil Elnakave

Lecturer, 3d Artist

Galia Benarzi

Technology entrepreneur

Olesja Hännikäinen

Service Designer at Accenture Liquid Studio | Founder of Exthereal

Dr. Milly Perry

Head of Blockchain Excellence program, Chamber of information technology

Nilly Lerner

First NFT Artist, Creator of Nilicoins

Dr. Hadar Yoana Jabotinsky

Cegla Visiting Research Fellow at Tel Aviv University - Law School

Gili Bahat Eshkol

Fashion and Design Industry Expert & Lecturer.

Adv. Amir Bushinsky

Head of VC fund

Bezalel Raviv

CEO & Founder at Halleluiah

Ofir Liberman

Head of Design at Sency

Shmulik grossman

A spokesperson for initiatives and innovation at the Knesset.

Eli Frank

Chairman at The Israel Chamber of Information Technology

Lior Mesika

Founder Edenblock

Krista Jäntti

CEO & Co-Founder of Exthereal and EventuallyXR, eMBA AaltoEE

Prof. Dotan Oliar

Professor of Law at University of Virginia School of Law

Michael Assis

Co founder & CEO artfora

Itay Matalon

Co-Founder & CEO at UpNext GenZ

Adv. Adva Jaguar Gal

JAGuar lawyers CEO

Iris Laufer

Head of NFT Department, Cannibal Media

Dr. Michael Gebert

European Blockchain association

Nir Zyskind

Director of Operations and Business Development at SCRT Labs

Asaf Nahum

CEO Acum

Adi Ben Ari

Founder & CEO at Applied Blockchain

Lior Tor

Founder & CPO Boyo

Adv. Haim Ravia

Partner, Chair of the Cyber, Internet & Copyright Group at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Roy Derhy

Founder & Art Director Placebo DHF

Ofir Eliasi

Co - Founder Nimble

NFT Conference #1

Israel NFT Conference #1

The first event focused on the different aspects of NFT’s (Art & Finance). Over 700 participants shared their impressions and thoughts regarding the new technology and discussed the future of NFT and related fields.  Join us this year to find out more about new exciting developments and changes.

Free registration

What's NFT?

Many people are still dazed by the NFT phenomenon. If you find yourself in their company, this podcast will guide you through the basics (Hebrew).

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