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Shenkar and Start-Up Nation Central


About The Report

This report aims to create a baseline understanding of the role of design in Israeli tech companies today, highlight how some companies are deeply integrating design into their business processes, and identify opportunities for how Israel can continue to build design capabilities and use them as a source for innovation and growth.

Over the last few years researchers have recognized the critical role design plays in delivering business value to tech companies. Israel is world-renowned for being a leader in the fields of entrepreneurship and technological innovation, and Israeli startups are a critical driver of the country’s economic growth. For many years, however, Israeli startups grew on the basis of cutting-edge R&D, and most companies – even those that have successfully scaled – placed little emphasis on design. Shenkar and Start-Up Nation Central conducted the first study of its kind in Israel exploring the role of design in the Israeli high-tech ecosystem. More than 200 responses were received from senior-level managers of high-tech companies, investors, and designers.

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